Mathews Tax Lawyers FAQS

What Types Of Matters Do You Deal With?

Mathews Tax Lawyers FAQS

We help clients to structure their business in the most legally tax effective way by advising them on what to do and how to implement their structure.

We deal with the ATO on behalf of clients who are being reviewed or audited – we take care of the stress so you can run your business.

We negotiate with the ATO to reduce your tax debt where possible and request more time for you to pay.

Where the ATO has got it wrong, we challenge ATO decisions and assessments for clients, and if necessary, take the ATO to Court or the Administrative Appeals Tribunal to get ATO decisions overturned.

We do the same in relation to State tax disputes and negotiate with the relevant Office of State Revenue to resolve your State tax issue.

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I’m Not In Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne, Can You Still Help Me?

Yes, even though we are based in Brisbane with satellite offices in Sydney and Melbourne, we can still help you with your business structure or tax dispute. This is because income tax, CGT, FBT, and GST are Federal taxes that apply in the same way across Australia.

Mathews Tax Lawyers can work with you wherever you are be it overseas, Canberra, Adelaide, Hobart, Perth or Darwin. We use technology such as telephone, email, Skype, FaceTime and Zoom video conferencing so you don’t need to spend time and money on travelling.

If we need to meet face to face outside of Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne, then this can be arranged too. This might occur where you are being formally interviewed by the ATO, you need to negotiate the settlement of a complex tax dispute with the ATO, or you need us to appear for you in the AAT or Federal Court where you live or carry on business.

I Have An Accountant, Why Do I Need A Tax Lawyer?

Lawyers and accountants bring different skill sets and knowledge to the table and quite often you need both to navigate through and resolve a complex tax issue. We work collaboratively with accountants who require our expert tax skills and advice when negotiating with the ATO or to determine how the complex tax laws apply to their clients.

Legal representation provides the unique advantage of legal professional privilege. This means that our communications with you, documents you give us and advice that we give you is legally protected from being disclosed to anyone, including the ATO.

Why Is Mathews Tax Lawyers The Right Tax Lawyer For Me?


Our Legal Practitioner Director has over 26 years’ experience in all aspects of tax, including 13 years at the ATO. We know how the ATO thinks and what it takes to persuade them to negotiate or change their view.

The ATO sometimes gets things wrong

The ATO doesn’t always come to the right conclusion and sometimes the issues can be borderline. Based on our Legal Practitioner Director’s vast ATO and private practice experience, we know when a case is arguable and when it’s not. If the ATO has got it wrong, we do our utmost to make it right.

We treat your tax problem as our tax problem

We will fight fearlessly to enforce your rights and argue your case. We are not open to intimidation.

We “think” tax

Dealing with tax requires a certain kind of mind set – one that is not acquired overnight. We see through the complexities and focus on the key issues that need to be resolved. We explain complex tax laws and facts in a way you can understand.

How Much Will It Cost?

Where we can, we will provide you with a fixed fee proposal.

Due to our experience and background, we can provide the same level of expertise as the Big 4 or a large law firm at a fraction of the cost.

Every client has different needs and issues and our fees reflect this.

We will work closely with you from the outset to understand your problem and what needs to be done to fix it. We will give you an estimate of our fees upfront and keep you updated if circumstances or information might cause that estimate to change.

Do You Do Tax Returns And BAS’s?

No, we do not do tax compliance work or prepare tax returns or BAS’s. We only provide tax advice and legal representation in relation to your tax affairs.

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Disclaimer: The information on this page is for general information purposes only and is not specific to any particular person or situation. There are many factors that may affect your particular circumstances. We advise that you contact Mathews Tax Lawyers before making any decisions.

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