Tax Law Expert For Accountants

As an Accountant, there are many situations where you may need expertise and support from a tax law expert...

Tax Law Expert For Accountants

Cases may arise which are complex, outside your area of expertise or which may relate to new and changing areas of the tax law where there is little or no ATO guidance.

You might:

  • require tax technical legal advice to help you resolve a client’s tax problem
  • not have the resources to deal with a client’s tax audit or their complex tax affairs
  • just want a second opinion or review
  • want tax advice protected by legal professional privilege
  • not have in-house tax law capabilities
  • require assistance with drafting persuasive legal arguments in tax objections or private ruling applications

Where We Can Help You:

  • Tax advice and second opinions or reviews
  • Tax controversy matters where legal assistance and representation is required
  • Assessments of whether a position is reasonably arguable
  • Drafting of documents where tax law expertise would minimise risk of loss or litigation
  • Preparation of objections
  • Preparation of documents for court or AAT
  • Collection and preparation of evidence
  • Staff training

We can work collaboratively with you as a team where we do not have direct contact with your client, or we can work directly with you and your client to represent their interests.

Staff Training

We can provide staff training on tax tailored to suit the needs of you and your staff:

  • Quarterly tax update sessions
  • Tailored training on specific tax topics
  • We come to you
  • Lunch time sessions available
  • Fixed fee per session (not per person)
  • Staff obtain CPD points

Disclaimer: The information on this page is for general information purposes only and is not specific to any particular person or situation. There are many factors that may affect your particular circumstances. We advise that you contact Mathews Tax Lawyers before making any decisions.

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